Rocking Body Raw Food: The 14 Day Raw Food Cleanse

Makers of conventional, mainstream diet foods make millions selling you more than diet sodas and frozen entrees that promise to make you lean. They are selling you a massive smoke screen that covers up the REAL culprit behind weight gain and disease. They are hoping you’ll be so busy counting calories and fat grams that you won’t have time to learn the REAL truth about health.

Take a tour of the weight loss detox diet the “experts” pray you never discover.

The first and most shocking secret is that the last 10 to 20 pounds that seems so tough to loose, especially fat around the belly, thighs and bottom, just might be saving your life.

I know that sounds crazy, and I thought it WAS crazy, until I learned about raw foods.

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The second secret (and they are REALLY freaking out about this) is that the chemicals they use to make things sugar-free and fat free can actually cause us to GAIN WEIGHT. Yikes- how crazy is that? They contribute to acids in the body and that goes back to why that excess weight we are carrying around might be saving our lives. FAT is a safe place to store acids so they don’t wreak havoc on our bodies. The troublesome thing is acid causing foods are not obvious. Things like milk seem basic, but cause acid in the body.

I’ve been thrilled with the simple, common sense answers I’ve received and the delicious foods I am enjoying while the weight drops off. If you are willing to open your mind, this site will show you what to put in your mouth to shed pounds naturally, easily and experience other positive side effects like more energy.

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