Fire cupping is an ancient technique with its roots in Chinese Medicine.  Through the centuries the therapeutic benefits of cupping  have been widely recognized around the world and is integrated into many different cultures to treat a variety of conditions.

As a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine I use cupping for many different conditions such as; muscular pain and tension, pre and post operative care, arthritis, asthma, common colds, paralysis, stress reduction, and poor circulation.The procedure is very simple and effective.

Several cups are strategically placed on the patient based on their symptoms for ten minutes or the practitioner may slide the cups for extra stimulation and increased circulation.  The cups usually leave marks on the back that resolve anywhere from 3 days to two weeks.

This procedure is highly detoxifying for the body and the patient should be sure to hydrate properly after the session.  It is also very important to aid your body in the detoxifying aspect of this treatment my eating organic foods, staying away from greasy and spicy foods, sugar, alcohol, and dairy products.

Incorporating blue green algae and spirulina into your supplement routine will help you in this process as well.

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