Moxabustion has been used in China for thousands of years.  It has been used to promote health and prevent disease by gently warming certain areas of the body and increasing circulation.  The Latin name for the herb that is burned as moxa is Artemesia Vulagaris a species of Chrysanthemum.

Moxa can be used in many different ways to promote wellness and stop pain (especially in arthritic conditions). The most common application of this therapeutic modality is with a moxa stick.  The practitioner will light one end of this stick, which resembles a cigar and will gently warm certain points or areas of the body.

Another common technique that may be used is called needle head moxa.  The practitioner will place the moxa on top of an acupuncture needle to warm the needle and surrounding tissue.  Some practitioners will create tiny moxa cones by rolling loose moxa with a special tool or with their hands.  The moxa will then be placed on the skin at certain acupuncture points to balance the body.

Moxa can be used for several different conditions.  In my experience it tends to work great for arthritic conditions that get worse when there is a change of weather or cold/damp conditions.  Moxa also has a wonderful ability to regulate digestion, increase appetite, reduce bloating, stop diarrhea, and reduce edema.   It also has been used with great success in turning a fetus in a breech position.  Moxa can also be used to maintain superior health by burning the herb over certain points that strengthen the body’s immune system.

The treatment of moxa only takes a few minutes and usually makes the patient feel a deeper sense of relaxation.

Try moxa during your next acupuncture treatment.

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